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Meet your business payments partner –
SHK Global Payments

Sun Hung Kai Forex Limited (“SHK Forex”) is experienced in dealing with foreign exchange needs of businesses. We understand the importance of timely and reliable currency payments to successful daily operations of your business.

SHKGP allows your business to take control 24 hours a day of paying overseas suppliers and receiving international payments with no transfer fee or commission charges.

What we offer:

Spot FX payments in 15 major currencies

Spot FX transactions are used for immediate payments and can be made in 15 major currencies including: US dollars, Hong Kong dollars, Euros, British pounds, Japanese yen, Swiss francs, Canadian dollars, Singapore dollars, Australian dollars, New Zealand dollars, South African rand, Danish kroner, Norwegian kroner, Swedish kroner and CNH (offshore RMB)

Forward FX contracts

SHKGP clients are able to book forward contracts. A forward contract enables you to book a transaction at the current markets rate for settlement on a future date. Forward contracts can be used to protect against adverse currency movements and are useful when funds are not needed immediately and the current market rate is favourable.

Forward contracts require a deposit equivalent to 5% of the face value to be held as a deposit for the final settlement amount. A further deposit may be required if the market moves adversely during the contract’s term. All forward contracts can be pre-delivered, partially pre-delivered or rolled to a different settlement date.

Market Orders

Clients of SHKGP can call our customer service team to place an order to buy or sell a specific currency and amount at a chosen rate level. SHK Forex will then watch the order and execute the transaction when the requested level is reached.

Same day payments

SHK Forex understands the importance of immediate payments to suppliers and it can facilitate same day payments on a pre-arranged basis. Contact our customer service team to discuss your business payment needs and our team will tailor a solution to meet your expectations.

Extremely competitive exchange rates

Many banks publish a daily FX rate with a large mark up. With SHKGP your FX transaction will cost you less because the mark up we apply to the wholesale FX rate is small.

CNH (offshore RMB) payments to corporate accounts in China

Transfer from your company CNH account to a corporate account in Mainland China

Phone and online deal execution

SHKGP clients can execute transactions online or over the phone 24 hours a day when FX markets are open.

Multiple user access with authorisation levels

SHKGP can be configured for access by multiple users.  Authorisation levels enables management supervision of company payments

PDF trade confirmations and monthly statements

Full transaction details are available in a PDF confirmation when a transaction is completed. A detailed monthly statement is sent to clients each month to support your business accounting requirements. Statements for periods longer than one month are available on request. A summary of transaction history is also available online.

Daily FX commentary and market updates

SHKGP clients have can access to daily FX commentary and regular market updates to keep you informed about movements in the currency markets.

24-hour multi-lingual customer support

Our customer service team can answer your questions in English, Cantonese and Putonghua via live chat or on the phone. For email reply, we also support English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

No fees or commission charges

SHKGP does not charge a transfer fee or commission charge for transactions.

24 hour user friendly on line access for paying and receiving money

SHKGP clients can book transactions when the FX markets are open from Sunday 5pm New York time to 5pm New York time Friday. The status of transactions can be tracked in real-time 24 hours a day.

A trusted and reliable brand

SHKGP is provided by SHK Forex, a member of Sun Hung Kai Financial

Call us today on (852) 3920 2720 to discuss your business payment needs.

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